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Teach from the heart.

There are so many things that I want to do.  Researching heart disease and cancer was not on my list of "things to do" until Courtney was born and started having her problems, and my father's cancer was missed by his doctor.  It seems that my question "What am I here for?" has been answered. 

My father was a farmer nearly all his life.  His neighbors, all farmers, have had and either successfully beat or died from, prostate and bone cancer.  I fully believe they contracted cancer from the chemicals they used on their farms.  Coincidence?  I think not. Farmers need to be educated about the chemicals they use. 

Heart disease runs in families -- both of my grandfathers died of heart attacks in their early 80's.  But having a heart condition at such young ages (my brother is 41, my niece is 7) is something that you just don't think about that much!  Keith has always been extremely active and often worked 7 days a week.  If he wasn't punching a time clock, he was out chopping wood, building decks, clearing the land he owns, golfing -- always busy!  To see him sidelined and not able to do anything really bothers me.   Cures are needed for heart disease. 



Denise B.,
Pembroke, GA

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